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ChumpChangeXD is the Owner and Creator of Misfit Mining, a YouTube Channel dedicated to learning and growing together while mining cryptocurrency. He started his crypto mining journey in 2020 but has been investing in crypto since 2018. Along the way, he has developed a passion for mining and investing in cryptocurrency, and he enjoys sharing his knowledge and experiences with others.

ChumpChangeXD is always open to suggestions and admits that he still has a lot to learn in this space. He invites his viewers to leave comments below for suggestion videos. He also encourages people to join his free Discord group, Misfit Mining, where members of the community can help each other out with questions and information.

While ChumpChangeXD is passionate about mining and investing in cryptocurrency, he is clear that his YouTube Channel is specifically for entertainment purposes only. Nothing he shares should be taken as financial advice, and any building or investing should be done at one’s own risk.

Through his Misfit Mining YouTube Channel, ChumpChangeXD hopes to build a friendly and supportive community of individuals who share his passion for mining and investing in cryptocurrency. He appreciates the support of his viewers and encourages everyone to keep mining and learning together.

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