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Ravencoin: A Beginner's Guide to Mining

Ravencoin is a relatively new cryptocurrency that was launched in 2018. The coin was created to serve as a secure and efficient way to transfer assets on the blockchain. Unlike other cryptocurrencies, Ravencoin has a strong focus on asset issuance, allowing users to create and trade their own digital assets on the platform.

In this guide, we will cover the basics of Ravencoin and how to get started with mining it.

What is Ravencoin?

Ravencoin is a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency that is based on the Bitcoin codebase. The coin was designed to be a platform for the creation and transfer of assets on the blockchain. Unlike other cryptocurrencies that are designed to be used as a means of payment, Ravencoin is primarily used for asset issuance and transfer.

One of the key features of Ravencoin is its focus on security. The coin uses a unique mining algorithm called KAWPOW, which is ASIC-resistant and allows for fair and decentralized mining.

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Total Time Needed: 30 minutes

Required Tools:

- Ravencoin mining software (such as CCMiner)
- Ravencoin wallet (such as the official Ravencoin Wallet)
- Mining pool account (such as 2Miners)

Required Materials:

- Mining rig with a dedicated graphics card (GPU)
- Stable internet connection
- Affordable Electric

Steps to Mine Ravencoin

Step 1 - Install the Ravencoin mining software on your mining rig.
In the past, Ive used Gminer or NBMiner with great results, but there are other options available. Be sure to download the version that is compatible with your GPU and operating system.
Step 2 - Create a Ravencoin wallet and generate a receiving address.
This address will be used to receive any Ravencoin you mine. While the official Ravencoin Wallet is a good option, I personally prefer to use the Zelcore wallet for its user-friendly interface and multi-coin support.
Step 3 - Join a Ravencoin mining pool.
Mining pools allow miners to combine their resources and work together to mine Ravencoin more efficiently. 2Miners is a popular mining pool for Ravencoin.
2miners Ravencoin
Step 4 - Configure your mining software to connect to the mining pool and start mining.
For this, you will need to edit the .bat file. To edit the .bat file, right click. - Click Show More Options, - then click edit.This is where you will change the wallet address, which pool you will use, and your rig name.
NBMiner Edit Bat File
Step 5 - Check Your Activity
Once your rig has been mining for a few minutes (up to 10 minutes), check your wallet address on your chosen mining pool. Make sure to review your workers' performance, including their hash rate, estimated payout, and minimum payout. Once you've confirmed that everything is working correctly, you're ready to start mining Ravencoin. Happy mining!
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Mining Tips

  • Choose the right GPU: Select a GPU that is known for its high mining performance and efficiency. Research popular options among Ravencoin miners and consider factors like hashrate, power consumption, and price. I’ve had great results with Nvidia’s 3060, 3070, & 3080.

  • Optimize your GPU settings: Fine-tune your GPU settings to maximize mining performance. Adjust parameters like core clock, memory clock, and power limit to find the optimal balance between hashrate and power consumption.

  • Use the latest drivers: Keep your GPU drivers up to date to ensure compatibility with Ravencoin mining software and to benefit from any performance improvements or bug fixes provided by the manufacturer.

  • Use dedicated mining software: Utilize mining software specifically designed for GPU mining, such as popular options like T-Rex, NBMiner, or Gminer. These software packages often come with optimizations and features specifically tailored for Ravencoin mining.

  • Join a mining pool: Joining a Ravencoin mining pool allows you to combine your mining power with others, increasing your chances of earning consistent rewards. Look for a pool with low fees, a good track record, and a strong community.

  • Monitor GPU temperature: Mining can generate significant heat, so it’s crucial to monitor your GPU’s temperature to prevent overheating. Use monitoring software to keep an eye on the temperature and adjust fan speeds or add additional cooling if necessary.

  • Experiment with mining intensity: Adjust the mining intensity setting in your mining software to find the optimal balance between hashrate and stability. Higher intensity levels may yield higher hashrates but can also increase the likelihood of rejected shares or system instability.

  • Stay up to date with Ravencoin updates: Stay informed about Ravencoin’s network upgrades, software releases, and community discussions. Upgrades and optimizations can have a significant impact on mining performance, so it’s important to stay current.

  • Consider dual mining: If your GPU supports it, consider dual mining Ravencoin alongside another compatible cryptocurrency. This allows you to utilize your GPU’s power more efficiently and potentially increase your overall mining profitability.

  • Manage electricity costs: Mining can consume a substantial amount of electricity, so it’s important to be mindful of energy costs. Optimize your GPU settings and consider mining during off-peak hours when electricity rates are lower.

  • Secure your mining setup: Protect your mining rig by using strong passwords, enabling firewalls, and implementing security measures to safeguard against potential cyber threats. Regularly update your software and use reputable antivirus and firewall solutions.

  • Regularly backup your wallet: If you’re mining directly to a Ravencoin wallet, make sure to regularly backup your wallet data to protect against loss or corruption. Store your backups securely and consider using multiple backup locations for added redundancy.

Remember, GPU mining can be a complex endeavor, and it’s important to stay informed, adapt to changing conditions, and regularly assess your mining operations to optimize your earnings.

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In this video Red Fox Crypto builds a 6 GPU RTX 3060 Mining Rig. Mike walks through the rig build from start to finish including hardware, overclocks, and mining software. I test the hashrate of the full build on the cryptocurrency Ravencoin.