August 28, 2023

Low Watt Coins That can be Mined with an RTX 3070

Low Watt Coins That can be Mined with an RTX 3070

What is Low Watt Coin Mining?

Imagine you could set up a mini gold mine right in your home—no muddy terrain, no heavy pickaxes, just the silent hum of a computer mining digital gold. Low watt coin mining is just like that. It’s the process of mining cryptocurrencies with the advantage of requiring minimal electrical power. This approach is not just an eco-friendly alternative, but it’s also cost-effective. Who wouldn’t love that?

Importance of Low Power Consumption

As electricity prices continue to soar, miners are keen to find ways to cut costs. Opting for coins with low power consumption becomes more than just an environmental statement; it’s an economic necessity. Think about it—making more money while spending less on operational costs. Doesn’t that sound like a dream come true?

Why Choose an RTX 3070?

Overview of RTX 3070

The Nvidia RTX 3070 isn’t just a stellar graphics card for gaming; it’s a workhorse for mining, too. Imagine it as the powerful engine of your digital mining farm, propelling you toward your dreams of financial independence.

Efficiency and Performance

The RTX 3070 offers an excellent blend of power and performance, making it a go-to option for miners who want high returns without a hefty electricity bill. It’s the perfect middle-ground, like having a car that’s both fast and fuel-efficient.

Technical Aspects to Consider


The hashrate is like the speedometer of your mining operations. It tells you how fast your setup can solve complex mathematical problems, which in turn validate transactions and secure the network. The higher the hashrate, the faster you mine—but it’s a balancing act with power consumption.


Efficiency, typically measured in Mh/s/W or Kh/s/W, tells you the “miles per gallon” of your mining operation. It’s a key metric that shows the bang you’re getting for your electricity buck.

Power Consumption

Here’s where the rubber meets the road. Power consumption is how much electricity your mining operation gobbles up. Low is generally better, but not at the expense of efficiency or hashrate.

$ 0.0011051.95%
$ 0.4331283.58%
$ 1.621.38%
$ 0.1034745.74%
$ 0.0690953.33%
$ 0.138770.54%
$ 43.567.87%


  • Hashrate: 11.1 Mh/s
  • Efficiency: 0.14 Mh/s/W
  • Power: 80 w

Radiant (sha512256d)

  • Hashrate: 689 Mh/s
  • Efficiency: 8.51 Mh/s/W
  • Power: 81 w

Gold Cash (YescryptR16)

  • Hashrate: 3.35 Kh/s
  • Efficiency: 0.04 Kh/s/W
  • Power: 91 w

Dynex (DynexSolve)

  • Hashrate: 3130 H/s
  • Efficiency: 34.40 H/s/W
  • Revenue: $0.20
  • Power: 91 w

Alephium (Blake3)

  • Hashrate: 1.32 Gh/s
  • Efficiency: 0.01 Gh/s/W
  • Power: 94 w

Novo (Sha256DT)

  • Hashrate: 1860 Mh/s
  • Efficiency: 23.85 Mh/s/W
  • Power: 78 w

Haven Protocol (CryptoNightHaven)

  • Hashrate: 1.32 Gh/s
  • Efficiency: 0.01 Gh/s/W
  • Power: 94 w

Pepe Pow (Memehash)

  • Hashrate: 47.1 Mh/s
  • Efficiency: 0.51 Mh/s/W
  • Power: 93 w

Iron fish (Blake3Ironfish)

  • Hashrate: 11710 Mh/s
  • Efficiency: 130.11 Mh/s/W
  • Power: 90 w

Vertcoin (Verthash)

  • Hashrate: 1112 Kh/s
  • Efficiency: 11.71 Kh/s/W
  • Power: 95 w

Kaspa (KHeavyHash)

  • Hashrate: 461.25 Mh/s
  • Efficiency: 8.24 Mh/s/W
  • Power: 56 w

Kylacoin (Sha3d)

  • Hashrate: 463 Mh/s
  • Efficiency: 5.72 Mh/s/W
  • Power: 81 w



Low watt coin mining is a journey, not a sprint. With the RTX 3070, you have a reliable workhorse to kickstart this adventure. It’s all about balance—finding the right coin with the perfect blend of hashrate, efficiency, and power consumption. And with the coins listed, you’ve got options aplenty. Why wait? Jump in and diversify your income streams, save on electricity, and be part of something bigger.

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